Protect forests, protect bugs

Love Bug

Insects might not be the cutest things in the world, but bugs need protecting as much as any other forest dwellers. We love forests, so we also love all species that live in the forest. The Amazon rainforest is home to 2.5 million species of insects, which is a good enough reason alone for us to protect it. So show your loved one you care about them, and ancient forests, by giving them the Love Bug!
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Ancient forests are home to around two-thirds of the plant and animal species found on land. Yet they are being destroyed for a number of reasons, from growing palm oil to grazing cattle. Greenpeace is working to protect forests in key areas such as the Amazon, Indonesia and Congo, by investigating and exposing companies who destroy rainforests for products ranging from leather to chocolate, as well as campaigning for Governments to protect areas from deforestation.